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Our inventory has every possible fur accessory.  Shop our signature fur headbands, amazing collar & cuff sets, fur scarves, earmuffs. They all make the  


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You can use your outdated furs or select from our endless inventory of pre-owned furs and unique finds, or any combination of the two. 

Your choice from our delightful fur gems, combined with a touch of your  own fashion sense will create new styles that will be sure to inspire….. Thus our slogan:   

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We handle a substantial quantity of acquired furs from previously owned clientele, bankruptcies, estates, store closures or abandoned inventory. Feel free to contact us for a consultation.  

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Fur Trimmed Leather Gloves The Perfect Gift

Cashmere or thinsulate lined leather gloves, 

One of many in our extensive collection of  fur trimmed apparel. We specialize in custom trimming anything of yours. 

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Our Black Fox Headband makes The Perfect Gift

Every Fur every, color, every design

Our inventory has 

Every Possible Fur Accessory  

Shop our signature fur headbands, amazing collar & cuff sets, fur scarves, earmuffs. They all make for the  

Perfect fur gift item 

Fur Earmuffs Available in all Furs The Perfect Gift

Fur earmuffs are guaranteed to be a hit gift item this winter season.. Shop for the 

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About Us

4th Generation Furriers From the Historic New York Wholesale Fur Fashion District


The Einbinder family; Fourth Generation Furriers in the United States since the mid 1800’s. The Einbinder’s have always been at the center of the fur industry in America designing and developing designs that have been worn across the globe and on stage and screen. Both trendsetting and classic, the Einbinder family has a renown fourth generation reputation  manufacturing and marketing fine furs with honesty and integrity. Today, the patriarch of the Einbinder family, Mr. Paul Einbinder, prides himself on continuing this legacy.

As President of United States Fur Group, Paul reflects the powerful influence of the Einbinder family in New York’s fur manufacturing market today. United States Fur Group understands how to blend tradition with, “ahead of its time” innovation, fur skin quality, value and style. Most importantly, they consider you how important your fur is in reflecting your individual personality today and for years to come.  United States Fur Group is simply the best place to purchase your furs and have them expertly serviced, repaired, restyled, conditioned and appraised. Feel free to call us toll free or visit our showroom by appointment. The knowledgeable professional fur consultants will be happy to assist you.

Conclusion: In addition to being able to buy from our extensive inventory of fine furs, both new and pre-owned, The United States Fur Group provides a full range of services, including the design and manufacturing of fur garments, repairing and re-styling, cleaning and storage. At United States Fur Group, each and every customer is treated like royalty.


Our goal is to have every customer 100% satisfied.

Our Story


Our New York studio/ showroom/ warehouse was becoming just too small, and in order to give our customers the best value and great service we finally decided to move out of Manhattan. "I’m sure my Great Grandfather Morris Einbinder, who was a longstanding furrier, would never have imagined the over-development and difficulty involved, running a factory-showroom in New York City today….."

The individualized, intricate, handcrafted art of working on fur is no longer feasible and efficient in midtown Manhattan. We have decided to relocate to a much larger facility to better serve our customers. Announcing for fall winter 2017-2018 Now online  furs with Furs-USA.

We are now more than a US Fur Store serving as the foremost United States Fur company, calling ourselves  United States Fur Group offering Wholesale Mink Coat to Fur Shop Online at our Fur Store Online.

Whether you are looking for top of the line designer couture furs or bargain furs and fur liquidation everything we sell is all fine furs. Along with you we can create amazing things for our repurposed fur department is just amazing! Today KaMoshen, Inc., United States Fur Group continues this legacy of manufacturing with honesty and integrity high quality fine fur coats, apparel, hats, accessories, home decor and more that blend tradition with “ahead of its time” innovation and style.So, please do not hesitate to contact us directly if any questions about our extensive inventory or to consult with an expert on servicing, repair fur , remodel fur, or restyle fur. Our fur remodeling as well as storage fur  of your personal fur items. Always at your service. Our most important desire is that each and every customer is treated like royalty and 100% satisfied.  

Our Best Product is Service 

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Service and your satisfaction is our best product. Call 1-888 Fine Furs (1-888 346 3387)

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"Fashion Makes the World New"




History of Fur: The Earliest Forms of Trade Technology & Art

The fur trade was the catalyst that developed civilizations !

No industries known to mankind comes close to having the rich productive history of developing international commerce, technology, and the art of fashion, as the fur industry. The United States owes much of it's growth and prosperity to the fur trade. New York City became known as the fashion capital of the world because of the fur trade.  

"Fashion Makes the World New"

Imagine a world where fashions trends, and idea's never changed. Mankind would probably still be in the stone age. It is the emerging and ever changing world of fashion that directs our footsteps, determines the strength of economies and brings newness to the world !

"Fashion Makes the World New"  Paul Einbinder 

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