United States Fur Accessories

Every possible fur accessory


Select from our enormous inventory. 

Our designers can work directly with you to custom design based on your creativity   

Artistically trim anything with fur


Add that touch of fur to your wool or down coat 

Add an opulent fur neckline to your dresses, suits and evening gowns 

Collars & cuffs sets 

Hood strips 


Facing and border trims 

Boot trims


Just to name a few possibilities....

Jazz up virtually everything with the rich luxurious look of natural fur.

*We can attach the furs permanently or in many cases, construct as detachable  

Fur hats


Every hat style available for both men and women in most every fur type and color


Custom hats are one of our specialties, too 

Stoles, capes, flings boleros, and evening pieces


Nothing adds exquisite graceful polished elegance like the fur stole

Every design of cape, shrug, shawl and evening pieces 

New and refurbished vintage stoles

Bridal capes

Great fur gift items to warm up the ones you love


Fur trimmed leather gloves

Fur headbands 


Fur scarfs 

Fur teddy bears

Fur pom pom key chains 

Fur tails

Chinchilla rex fur vest with our signature fox headband


We love working with and accommodating your concepts  

Our goal is to have our clients 100% satisfied

Add the Rich Warmth of Fur Home Decor

Fur throws and blankets


Nothing livens up your home like the rich warmth of a silver fox fur throw / blanket. Remodel your fur or use ours with an array of upholstery fabrics on the back.   

Custom fur pillows


These custom made pillows on the couch have autumn haze mink fur with vertical inserts of gold leather. The sky's the limit when it comes to fur pillows!  

Fur rugs


Warm up your living space with this rich white Tibetan lamb rug.   

Everything and Everything in Fur and more

Cute teddy bears


Great unique gift item. Our soft cuddly teddy bears can be made from re-purposed furs 

Purses and bags


Fur purses and handbags make a definite fashion statement.

Custom made or choose from our fine selection of styles and fur types

Bridal capes and shrugs


Here comes the bride!  Custom made for the bride and bridesmaids in most fur types and colors or choose from our wide selection of styles.