What can I do with my mink fur? Expert Fur Repair Remodeling Restoration

Remodeling: Work with our designers


When remodeling your fur coat there are a multitude of design changes that we can make to jazz up your fur coat or fur jacket. Many of the older fur coats are way too bulky and heavy to be worn comfortably today. 

Our fur remodeling service can give a new life and comfort to your fur coat.....

Inspiration Reinvented 

Let your creativity emerge


In addition to redesigning using your own fur  material you will have access to our inexhaustible inventory of unique finds. Our designers can also work directly with you to custom re-design or re-size anything utilizing our fur material, yours or any combination of the two. Your discriminating selections of our delightful gems, combined with a touch of your inspiration will bring to fruition new fashions products that will most definitely inspire anyone….. 

  Inspiration Reinvented !  

Live anew in your own design


Inspiration Reinvented !

Repair, reline, or re-size your fur


Expert Craftsmanship 

Experienced repair of your furs. Resize your furs. When enlarging we use our perfectly matched skins for a flawless look. When downsizing many times left over material can be added to enhance your piece with bend back cuffs, for example, or accessorize with a headband or hat depending on your amount of material left over.  

Cleaning and cold storage


Our professional cleaning, glazing and cold storage will protect your fur investment. 

Our best product is service


VIP Door to Door Convenience 

During normal business hours you will get a  knowledgeable real fur consultant to assist and advise... no endless menus.

Door to door shipping made easy and in most cases free

How can I Re-Size my fur from an online furrier?

We can measure you perfectly...

When re-sizing your fur we suggest that,  along with your fur you ship us an article of outerwear that you do not mind us having for a short time. 

Why ?


People wear outerwear differently. Some like to wear a coat tight and tailored. 

Some wear their coats loose, some people wear sweaters or suites under their coats. When we have your own garment to measure we know exactly your preferences for a 

Perfect fit ! 

How can you do that ?

We can get your measurements from that piece better than if you came in to our location and had us measure you directly.

Professional Services

Professional Fur Appraisal


We provide the most accurate and up to date appraisal of your fur coat. There are multiple factors regarding the replacement value of a fur including fluctuating prices of fur skins at various world fur auctions ,labor costs and styling. We use a calculation best accepted by your insurance provider that will also be advantageous to you in the event of a loss. 

Professional Buying Services


Our team of professional 

fashion consultants at Kamoshen define

 ”Inspiration Re-invented”

Whether looking for that perfect dream piece, or custom made apparel we have the right connections in worldwide fashion.  Depend on the experts who want you to have an enhanced and personal buying experience.. Always at your service with inspired new designs. 

Monogramming and Embroidery


We can monogram everything and anything. Hats, labels bags pillows, robes, and of course furs. The possibilities are endless!   

Before and After With Vintage Fur Coats

Before: Vintage tourmaline mink


Cool and vintage for some, but outdated and useless for others 

After: Hip reversible vest. Wear it with the fur out.....


Wear it with the leather inside and the fur outside or .....

Or reverse it to this sexy leather out and fur in vest


Wear it with fur inside and the leather outside. Totally reversible

Before: 1970's mahogany mink coat


These American made mink coats were made well. In most cases the integrity of the strength of the skins outlasts their styles  

After: Horizontal remodel


Nothing shows off the beauty of the mink like the horizontal remodel. The car coat length is more lightweight and less cumbersome than the full length 

Or belt it !


Can be styled fitted or add an inside drawstring... this one has a buckle belt.  

Full Length Brown Mink Coat Remodel

Before : Brown mink coat


Experienced expert and craftsmanship 

After: Reversible to water repellent taffeta


Lightweight and supple... With the fur inside, it will be the warmest and most comfortable coat you own

Black Mink Coat Remodel Ideas

Before: Black mink coat


The black mink coat is an American classic, It is formal and dramatic. If you find it is not being used, try shearing and shortening it 

After: Sheared mink stroller with trim


We sheared the body and added long hair mahogany mink as a tuxedo front and at the cuffs

Before: Woman's black mink coat with fox trim


This woman's black mink coat with fox trim down the front is quite outdated, but the fur was in excellent condition 

After: Men's or unisex bomber Jacket


This casual baseball / bomber style jacket was originally made for an airline pilot. In winter we are adding a detachable hood made from our perfectly matched pre- owned material  

Expert Fur Work Repair Remodeling Restoration Custom Design

There is, and there will never be any substitute to good old fashioned talking. At United States Fur - Kamoshen,  we work closely, with our clients, maybe to the point of being too persistent. We take it very serious if you entrust us with your fur. We contact our clients every step and never consider a question too insignificant.   

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Our other Fur Services


Ask about our pre-owned furs. Unique, radical.... Just Plain Cool ! ! ! All one of a kind finds !

All at a fraction of their appraised values

We have a huge quantity of acquired furs from previously owned clientele, bankruptcies, estates, store closures or abandoned inventory. This magnificent abundant natural fabric has been ignored way too long. 

Making use of this resource is actually the most environmentally friendly fabric available.  

The science behind this claim is indisputable and made obvious from the slogan 

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle

Design your fur coat using our material

Everything in Fine Furs.  New Custom Design or Re- Design  Alter re-size or re-design from your unused furs or utilize the materials from our huge quantity of acquired furs from previously owned clientele, bankruptcies, estates furs, vintage fur coats, store closures or abandoned inventory. In many cases these furs are equal to new in quality.  

Rent a Fur

Renting a fur is a great option for that special event or occasion. Speak to a consultant to see if we can accommodate

your needs.  


Service is our best product !

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